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You need to contact businesses for different reasons. The most usual motive behind the search for corporate contact data is to make complaints about services or products. These are very important and should get across, because you as a consumer deserve the best, and it also helps companies learn about problems with their products and make up for them. Other usual reasons for wanting to contact a company include requesting information, making suggestions or even offering business proposals and sponsorship opportunities. 

Whatever the reason, you need a working telephone number or e-mail address in order to successfully contact a company. This includes government organisms and NGOs as well. However, getting them isn't always as easy as it should be. Here are some problems customers often come across when trying to contact a business.


Unavailable contact data

Some companies will not disclose their contact information at all. Even if you look up their websites or even google their company name, there are businesses who will hide their contact information online so you can't access it.


Outdated contact data

In some cases, contact information like phone numbers and e-mail addresses - even mailbox addresses! - can be published but out of date. Some companies don't update their websites or even some directories don't run routine checkups to make sure the numbers and addresses on display are still available.


Automated responses

Sometimes you will call a number disclosed on a website or displayed on the product's packaging, but hear a pre-recorded response asking you to press numbers and reciting information you don't need to hear. You may also write to an e-mail address or complete a contact form but get an automated copy-and-pasted response that won't help you either.


 Dead end calls

Some other times, you will get to talk to a human being but they will be unable to help you, either providing the information you require or taking measures so your complaint or suggestion has any effect on the company or on you as a customer.


As you can see, what should be easy and on the reach of everybody, which is, contacting companies and organizations, can be very difficult to do sometimes. Contact information is either undisclosed, wrong or useless. We believe that all citizens have the right to contact businesses and organisms with which they are - or might get - involved in one way or another. For that reason, we have created this website.



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We invite you to check out our blog where we disclose contact data as well as company information for many well-known businesses and organizations in the United Kingdom. All this information is available for you for free, and has been checked and updated in order to make sure its stays relevant and useful. 

Feel free to navigate our blog and find about different businesses now active in the United Kingdom. Also, if you would like to contact a business who isn't in our list, please don't hesitate to contact us and request it. We will get to work so we include it in the list as soon as possible.

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100% veridic and updated information available in our website.

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100% veridic and updated information available in our website.